Episode 7: Common Misconceptions

Disclaimer: there are no dinosaurs in this image.

For episode 7, Jason and Dean decided to keep it lighthearted after the previous lengthy episode, by chatting about some of the misconceptions they commonly encounter as palaeontologists, particularly focusing on dinosaurs.

You can listen to the episode below, on our PodBean page, or on the usual streaming sites including iTunes and Spotify.

We also hope that you’ve had (or are having) a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year.

The t-shirt competition is being run with Koala Chess Art, who you can also follow on Instagram. They have a great range of t-shirts, hoodies and prints, including dinosaur designs. This competition is open to EU residents only, which includes the UK (let’s not talk about Brexit right now).

To enter, simply drop us a comment on our Twitter page, our Facebook, or even our unused Instagram (I can’t even find a link), letting us know which subjects you think we should cover in future episodes. It can be something silly, something extremely obscure, a deep dive into a complicated topic, something simple for beginners to palaeontology, anything you like as long as it is relevant to the podcast (and we will be impressed if you can rationalise something seemingly unrelated as being relevant). The winner will be picked at random by the end of January.

These conditions may be subject to change as the nature of podcasts might not be conducive to running a perfectly timed competition (in other words, if we have a sudden spike in listeners close to the deadline, we might extend it).

Edit: Here’s a picture of Dean sporting a stegosaur hoody from Koala Chess Art:

Dean Hoody

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