Episode 6: Palaeontology and the Media

Episode 6 is finally here and we decided to keep things light by chatting about palaeontology’s relationship with the media. It’s a huge topic for which we barely scratched the surface, leaving a lot out, and it has become our longest episode (even after some aggressive editing). You can listen to it here:

As you might have noticed, we have a new logo thanks to Natalia Jagielska, for which we are very grateful.

This episode touches on film, TV, newspapers and their websites, YouTube and podcasts, giving us a lot to talk about. We’ve already talked about the obvious film – Jurassic Park – in episode four, here we touch on a couple more, particularly focusing on how palaeontologists are represented.

If you’re interested in the Popularising Palaeontology workshops which Dean mentioned, check out the website here.

Dean’s appearance on TV to talk about The Meg can be viewed here:

And we can’t leave out some clips from Dinosaur Britain: 

Jason talks about his MSc dissertation which looked at how the Cambrian Explosion was covered in UK news media, for more on the Cambrian Explosion, check out our second episode. 

One of our favourite YouTube channels for palaeontology is PBS Eons:

And we had to plug our own video:

We talked about a few of our favourite palaeo podcasts, including Palaeocast, Dinosaurs Will Always be Awesome, Common Descent, Past Time, Palaeo After Dark, and the Tetrapod Zoology Podcast.

We couldn’t talk about palaeontology media without talking about one of our sponsors – Deposits Magazine – as it is an excellent resource for learning about palaeontology and geology.

And finally, after we recorded this episode, the Ben G Thomas YouTube channel published a video about Dean’s research which mentioned our podcast at the end. We are extremely grateful for the mention. Here’s the episode:


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