Episode 4: Jurassic Park

What happens when you take two dinosaur-loving kids, sit them down with two palaeontologists, two passionate science communicators and a wannabe film critic, and ask them to discuss one of their favourite films – Jurassic Park? Well, that’s sort of what you get when Jason and Dean sit down to talk about Jurassic Park and its impact. It gets very opinionated, touches a little on the science, and leaves Dean wishing he still owned all his old Jurassic Park toys.


Instead of episode four being another palaeontology podcast, we decided to go for something a bit lighter to coincide with the 26th anniversary of the release of Jurassic Park in UK cinemas (the 16th of July). We decided not to discuss the science too much, some of which can be found in episode three where we talked about amber and copal (please check it out). As you might have noticed, this is not actually our fourth episode, as we had a special breaking news episode about a new dinosaur called Hesperornithoides just a few days ago, check it out if you want to hear more about dinosaurs.

So, give it a listen below to hear our thoughts on Jurassic Park and its sequel films, the impact they had on science and popular perception of dinosaurs, and what we’d like to see in future films. You can also listen to it on our PodBean page and on the usual streaming sites like Google Podcasts, iTunes and Spotify.

Here’s Dean’s brachiosaurus, as seen in a photo we used to promote the Hesperornithoides episode:


Photo by Dean Lomax



Jason’s Velociraptor toy took a trip to the cinema:

Photo credit Jason Sherburn

And Jason would like you to know that he dressed as a Jurassic Park survivor for Halloween two years ago. It was a last-minute costume too:

Photo credit: Jason Sherburn

Check out this link to see how big Dilophosaurus actually was, and here’s a link to some of the dodgy Jurassic Park 4 concept art. Jason has also previously written some blogposts about Jurassic World, including an opinionated review of the trailer before the film came out, and a rant about the lack of feathers (also before the film came out). He never got round to finishing a review of the actual film. And he wrote a more upbeat post about what he wishes the Jurassic Park franchise had done and how it could have used a particular fan theory.

We will be back to more science-filled episodes soon and don’t forget to check out our sponsors UKGE ltd, Deposits Magazine and UKAFH.

Edit (19/07/2019): Dean has been over in Wyoming to promote the paper on Hesperornithoides, and has been doing some fieldwork whilst out there. He shared this picture which is quite appropriate for this particular episode:

Image credit: Dean Lomax

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