Video: OtFR goes fossil hunting in Doncaster

This podcast began back in January when Jason had a university assignment which involved making a short science podcast and asked Dean to help him out. A month later, episode one was released to the public to share the podcast with the world (well, the people who might want to listen). Since then, episode two has been released after an enormous delay, and Jason had another useful assignment: make a short science video.

So here we have the first On the FOSSIL Record podcast video, which hopefully won’t be the last as we enjoyed making it. It quite simply involved Jason following Dean around with a camera as he searched for Carboniferous fossils from a site in Doncaster (South Yorkshire, England) which Dean co-discovered in 2012. We were joined by the Stamford and District Geological Society, who you will spot in the background a fair bit.

If you are from the area and recognise the site, please don’t go collecting from there as permission is needed.

The abstract of the paper Dean coauthored on this site is available here.

If you enjoy the video, we would love some feedback and it can also be found on our Facebook page as well as our YouTube channel.

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