Episode 3: Amber and Copal

For episode 3 of the On the FOSSIL Record podcast, we were inspired by some of the very impressive recent finds in amber. If you haven't already, please check out episode 2 where we looked at the Cambrian Explosion and episode 1 where we discussed some of Dean's recent research on Protoichthyosaurus. We also recently released the first OtFR … Continue reading Episode 3: Amber and Copal

Video: OtFR goes fossil hunting in Doncaster

This podcast began back in January when Jason had a university assignment which involved making a short science podcast and asked Dean to help him out. A month later, episode one was released to the public to share the podcast with the world (well, the people who might want to listen). Since then, episode two … Continue reading Video: OtFR goes fossil hunting in Doncaster