Updates: our sponsors, delays and what’s to come

As a brand new podcast, it has probably gone unnoticed that we haven’t shared anything for a while, despite promising monthly updates. We have, however, had some important changes which should mean that the podcast goes from strength to strength.


Over a month ago now, UKGE, Deposits Magazine and UKAFH promised to sponsor us to help get the podcast off the ground. We announced it on Twitter and there were Facebook posts (we don’t yet have a Facebook page for OtFR but that should change in the next day or so) but it was never mentioned here on the blog.

We can’t recommend UKGE ltd enough, they really are one of the best places for geological/palaeontological supplies. They supply tools for fieldwork, prepping your finds and storing them, with great offers for beginners. Check out their site and you’ll find a great selection of books, maps, fossils and minerals to buy, and more. They’ve been my first port of call when I need new equipment for years now, it’s great to have their support.

UKGE also produce Deposits Magazinewhich provides a brilliant selection of articles about geology and palaeontology, with contributions from amateurs to world-renowned professionals. I can guarantee that if you read a few issues, no matter how much you think you know about the Earth sciences, you’ll find articles on things you never considered. Both Dean and I (this is Jason writing, by the way) have had articles published in Deposits, including one we wrote together on the geology of our local area – Doncaster.

UKAFH, the UK Association of Fossil Hunters, is the largest fossil hunting society in the UK and was only founded in 2010. They’ve become a brilliant organisation for providing one of the most engaging methods of communicating palaeontology to the public – leading fossil hunting trips which people of all ages and abilities can join. We might have to join one of their hunts with the podcast in the near future.

About those delays

Despite receiving sponsorship to help us get the podcast started, we hit some setbacks. It started off OK with only some of the predictable bumps in the road. Using new equipment takes some getting used to, there are always some teething problems (some might be noticeable in the next episode), and of course, we are still getting used to speaking on the podcast, it can be quite nervewracking.

Dean was quite busy, which led to a slight delay in recording, but then just after we recorded the second episode, I had to take a break to sort some personal issues (we won’t bore you with the details). With my personal issues out of the way, I then found myself too busy to finish editing the podcast. When it was finally edited, the recording kept coming out too quiet, even when adjusted. So we’ve had scheduling, personal, and technical issues. Episode one ran so smoothly in comparison, but we will learn from this experience.

What’s to come? 

Episode two is almost ready to release, I just need to write the accompanying blog post, check that the recording is loud enough this time and upload it, create the Facebook page and an Instagram, and then spread it as much as possible. We already have our topic planned for episode three and we are doing our research. Our first bonus episode will be on its way relatively soon; bonus episodes will not necessarily be tackling a specific palaeontological topic and won’t stick to our usual aimed length (20-30 minutes) but will give a bit more insight into us as people and the podcast, which will include as much science as we can fit. And if you follow us on Twitter, you might have seen an image of me editing a video. We hadn’t planned to include videos as part of the podcast but due to a university assignment, we had the opportunity to make one. We’re really looking forward to sharing that.

So, if you are reading this, thanks for your patience and we can’t wait to start filling your ears with our ramblings on palaeontology.

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