Episode 2: The Cambrian Explosion

For episode 2 of the¬†On the FOSSIL Record¬†podcast, we decided to talk about one of Jason's favourite subjects - the Cambrian Explosion. There's an awful lot which could be said about the Cambrian Explosion which we just couldn't fit in, especially not with our free-flowing format, so don't be surprised if we come back to … Continue reading Episode 2: The Cambrian Explosion

Updates: our sponsors, delays and what’s to come

As a brand new podcast, it has probably gone unnoticed that we haven't shared anything for a while, despite promising monthly updates. We have, however, had some important changes which should mean that the podcast goes from strength to strength. Sponsors Over a month ago now, UKGE, Deposits Magazine and UKAFH promised to sponsor us … Continue reading Updates: our sponsors, delays and what’s to come