Episode 1: Dean’s Protoichthyosaurus

For episode 1 of the On the FOSSIL Record podcast, we reckoned we would chat about some recent palaeontological news, until the day before recording (the 8th of January) when Dean's recent study on the skull of Protoichthyosaurus was fortuitously published. What better way to start the podcast than to let Dean talk as much as he … Continue reading Episode 1: Dean’s Protoichthyosaurus

Welcome to the On the Fossil Record podcast

This podcast, brought to you by palaeontologists Dean Lomax and Jason Sherburn, aims to discuss some up to date palaeontological topics, suitable for newcomers to palaeo and with enough information to interest experts, in enough time to fill a short commute or a long trip to the toilet. Our current aim is to put out … Continue reading Welcome to the On the Fossil Record podcast