Episode 7: Common Misconceptions

For episode 7, Jason and Dean decided to keep it lighthearted after the previous lengthy episode, by chatting about some of the misconceptions they commonly encounter as palaeontologists, particularly focusing on dinosaurs. You can listen to the episode below, on our PodBean page, or on the usual streaming sites including iTunes and Spotify. https://onthefossilrecord.podbean.com/mf/play/wtkdjn/Common_Misconceptions_edit.mp3 We … Continue reading Episode 7: Common Misconceptions

Episode 6: Palaeontology and the Media

Episode 6 is finally here and we decided to keep things light by chatting about palaeontology's relationship with the media. It's a huge topic for which we barely scratched the surface, leaving a lot out, and it has become our longest episode (even after some aggressive editing). You can listen to it here: https://onthefossilrecord.podbean.com/mf/play/cbrapw/Episode_6_-_Palaeo_and_the_Media_final_edit.mp3 As … Continue reading Episode 6: Palaeontology and the Media

Episode 5: Horseshoe Crabs and Our Logo

After a long delay since our last episode in July, Episode 5 is finally here. In this one, Dean and Jason chat about one of their favourite animal groups, the humble horseshoe crabs, why they were chosen for the podcast's logo, and why that particular horseshoe crab was chosen. This episode was originally recorded as … Continue reading Episode 5: Horseshoe Crabs and Our Logo

Special Episode: The new dinosaur Hesperornithoides

This is a special breaking news episode of On the Fossil Record podcast, where Dean gets to talk about some newly published research he's been involved with and has the chance to say all sorts of things he wouldn't normally get to say in an average interview, just like with our first episode back in February about his work … Continue reading Special Episode: The new dinosaur Hesperornithoides

Episode 2: The Cambrian Explosion

For episode 2 of the On the FOSSIL Record podcast, we decided to talk about one of Jason's favourite subjects - the Cambrian Explosion. There's an awful lot which could be said about the Cambrian Explosion which we just couldn't fit in, especially not with our free-flowing format, so don't be surprised if we come back to … Continue reading Episode 2: The Cambrian Explosion

Updates: our sponsors, delays and what’s to come

As a brand new podcast, it has probably gone unnoticed that we haven't shared anything for a while, despite promising monthly updates. We have, however, had some important changes which should mean that the podcast goes from strength to strength. Sponsors Over a month ago now, UKGE, Deposits Magazine and UKAFH promised to sponsor us … Continue reading Updates: our sponsors, delays and what’s to come